Borehole Water Dangers

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Borehole Water Dangers

Borehole Water Dangers is in borehole water that was not tested by a lab. If you do not know what is present in the water it wouldn’t hurt. The saying is “what the eye doesn’t see wouldn’t hurt”. It is your health we are talking about.






Photo : parasites in the water tank filled with borehole water.

Health hazards present in borehole water:

  • Chemicals from all types of industries.
  • Waste products.
  • Sewerage contamination of Ground water.
  • Pesticides from road maintenance, households and farms.
  • E.coli, a wide range of bacteria, viruses and parasites from long drops in squatter settlement.

Dangers of E.coli in our borehole water source:

  • Sewerage that flow down the sidewalks in the squatter settlements.
  • If there is a French drain or long drop the water that flows past that area is contaminated with the sewerage material.
  • Some farms borehole water is so contaminated that the E.coli levels is of such a state that the water is unfit for human or animal consumption.

Severe contamination of borehole water:

  1. Borehole water unsuitable for human consumption.
  2. Unsuitable for animal consumption.
  3. Unsuitable for irrigation on vegetables.

Questions about borehole water that is contaminated.

  • Act when the situation occurs.
  • Make contact with people who know borehole water problems.
  • Get ID-WATSS accredited suppliers and technicians to advice you.
  • Get peace of mind with clean borehole water.

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