Revenue, Valuation & Debt Management

To have transparent financial control and cash management and control system in place.

The function of revenue & debt management within Umvoti Municipality is administered as follows:
• Exercise control over the municipal revenue collection in conjunction with the credit control policy.
• Managing the monthly suspension of municipal services of defaulters.
• Manage the process of arrears, debtors and legal aspects.
• Manage and maintain and process Debt collection.
• Manage and maintain the integrated consumer billing system.
• Preparing the municipality’s annual revenue budget for basic services.
• Finalize the monthly meter reading process prior to billing of consumers.
• Compile, print, distribute monthly consumer statements to all consumers
• Manage the accuracy of the statements
• Manage and maintain Electricity vending machine



Credit Control

Responsible Person: Miss. S. Ntshingila
Tel: (033) 413 9100

To effectively manage Credit Control and Debt Collection .

Consumer Clerk

Responsible Person: Mr.V. Chonnoolal
Tel: (033) 413 9100

To effectively manage and Control all Consumer Accounts.