About Budget & Treasury

Budget & Treasury

Manager Position / Job Description :  
Name of Head : Samson Kaziko  
Contact number :  033 413 9100  
E-mail address :  

The core functions of the Budget & Treasury Department are as follows:-

  • Strategic planning and budget process guidelines.
  • Budget Planning,Preparation and Implementation
  • Preparation of  tariffs.
  • Management of the consolidation and presentation of the budgets to council.
  • Assisting in the alignment of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP)
  • Budget monitoring and control.
  • Preparation of  end-year comparative reports, dashboard financial indicators and financial information for the municipal manager, mayor, provincial and national treasury
  • Providing strategic advice and support to departments
  • Implementation of budget reforms in terms of National Treasury guidelines
  • Implementation and management of tariff policies that govern tariffs and co-ordinating the determination of tariffs
  • Preparation of a long-term and medium-term expenditure framework, IDP and  Long-term Development Framework
  • Development and maintenance of a financial model
  • Compliance with budget and financial issues in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act

Financial statements

The department is responsible for the overall planning, direction, management and co-ordination for the preparation of Umvoti Municipalities Annual Financial Statements

Main focus areas

  • Managing the consolidation and presentation of the financial statements to council.
  • Co-ordinating the preparation of audit working papers
  • Attending to areas of weakness as identified in the Auditor Generals Report
  • Implementing Generally Accepted Municipal Accounting Practices (GAMAP)
  • Improving financial management reporting
  • Processing of Value Added Tax returns
  • Authorising amendments to the chart of accounts