Heritage Day Celebration 2017




Hertage Day Fair a success

Umvoti Municipality hosted it’s annual Heritage Day Fair on Saturday 30 September.
The celebrations which begun at the Community Services Centre, kicked off with a stellar parade of residents from various cultures donning their cultural attires. This procession, which ended at King Edward Park where the rest of the fair was held, was led by His Worship the Mayor,Cllr TC Ngubane, who was also clad in his traditional Zulu gear.

Although only in its first year, the fair was well attended with local businesses benefiting full exposure from the community at large. A call was previously made for locals to exhibit cultural crafts, clothing and cuisine and numerous businesses owners responded to the call.

His Worship the Mayor,Cllr TC Ngubane expressed his dismay however, at the lack of partipation from certain cultural groups saying this hindered social cohesion and denied others the opportunity to learn about these cultural groups which would in turn ensure respect and understanding for various cultures.

His Worship the Mayor,Cllr TC Ngubane went on to add that Heritage month was a reminder to all Africans to never forget that they were children of the soil and encouraged residents to make an effort to learn about their ancestral roots and pass on that knowledge to the youth to ensure that the flame of each culture is preserved and kept alive.

His Worship the Mayor,Cllr TC Ngubane also stressed the importance of lessons that are learnt through one knowing and understanding their ancestral background, traditions and rituals, saying that some of the traditions actually helped prevent certain social ills.

His Worship the Mayor,Cllr TC Ngubane also paid tribute to OR Tambo with this year being an honorary year of the celebration of his life. The Mayor commended Tambo on his selfless work towards the struggle saying that Tambo gave his entire life to it to ensure the countrys freedom, liberation and democracy.