Information & Communication Technology

Manager Position / Job Description : Head Of Information Technology
Name of Head :  Mr. R. Kirpal
Contact number : 033 413 9193
E-mail address :


Umvoti Municipality strives to improve and utilize the latest technologies to improve customer services and service delivery,  We have a dedicated team of certified IT professionals who have many years of experience in various fields of IT.

Core Functions of the IT Department:-

  • Install/Maintain Onsite Servers & Security applications
  • Network Architecture Design & Implementation
  • Install/Maintain Municipal Networks
  • Maintain Remote Sites
  • System Reporting
  • System Wide Backups
  • Enhance and improve current systems
  • In-house Web site Design & Maintenance
  • Graphic Design & Advertising
  • Install/Maintain Audio Visual Devices
  • Maintain GIS system
  • Map Production
  • Maintain Conferencing Systems
  • In-house Repair Center (Certified Technicians)
  • Manage Service Providers
  • Manage Mobile Devices & Contracts
  • Manage Municipal PABX system
  • Lower Operational Costs


Umvoti Municipality

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