Inkosi Matomela Gala Dinner 2017



The Matomela foundation hosted its annual Inkosi Matomela celebration on Saturday 7 October in the Umvoti Municipality. Amongst other activities, the foundation hosted a private fundraising gala dinner under the theme “the role of traditional leadership in the land expropriation and utilization”.

As honorary hosts of the dinner, the Town’s Mayor, Cllr TC Ngubane opened the evening. In the mayor’s welcoming address he mentioned how we as individuals should identify our space and role in the value chain process of addressing the land redistribution issue.
He went on to state that all spheres of society have a role to play including, government, civil society, religious fraternity and also the traditional leadership. Furthermore, he suggested that traditional leadership should be at the forefront of this great struggle as they were leaders before the formation of political organizations and as such would perhaps be more knowledgeable about this issue.

The mayor also acknowledged that the correct battlefield to fight this issue was not on the streets but in boardrooms and committee meetings where planning takes place. He closed off by stating that in these plenary sessions each role player should be identified, assessed and their value within the process clearly defined.
The Mayor made it clear that through working together, land redistribution can be peacefully achieved.