About Corporate Services

Corporate Services manages the governance affairs of the entire municipality. Our objective is to ensure that the administrative affairs of this council and administration are of a high standard.

This Department is responsible for council, committees, administration, human resources management, legal affairs and communication.

The core functions of the unit are as follows:-

  • Provide human resource management support
  • Facilitate human capital development
  • Provide auxiliary support services
  • Provide an information and communications technology support services
  • Provide communication services
  • Render organizational efficiency services
  • General Administration
  • Records & Archive Management
  • Council and Committee Support
  • Customer Care
  • Ward Committees
  • Skills Development
  • Labour Relations
  • Employment Equity
  • Occupational Health And Safety
  • Legal Services

The Corporate Services Department is split into multiple sections:-

  • Administration
  • Communication
  • Committee Administration
  • Public Participation
  • Customer Care
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Records & Archive Management
  • Human Resources Management



Responsible Person: Ms. K. Maharaj
Tel: (033) 413 9101
Email: kmaharaj@umvoti.gov.za

This Department is responsible for General Administration in the Corporate Services Department.



Responsible Person: Ms. K. Maharaj
Tel: (033) 413 9101
Email: kmaharaj@umvoti.gov.za

This section is responsible for all the communication needs for Umvoti Municipality


Committee Administration


Responsible Person: Mrs. P. Robson
Tel: (033) 413 9109
Email: Patsy.Robson@umvoti.gov.za

To effectively manage all committees within the Municipal Boundaries


Public Participation


Responsible Person: Mr. V. Ndlovu
Tel: (033) 413 9100
Email: Velaphi.Ndlovu@umvoti.gov.za

To effectively promote interaction between various communities within Umvoti Municipality’s Jurisdiction.


Customer Care


Responsible Person: Mr. S. Mthembu
Tel: (033) 413 9100
Email: Slindile.Mthembu@umvoti.gov.za

To effectively manage Switchboard and all Helpdesk Queries .


Information & Communication Technology


Responsible Person: Mr. R. Kirpal
Tel: (033) 413 9193
Email: it@umvoti.gov.za

To effectively manage and Maintain all the Information Technology needs of Umvoti Municipality .


Records & Archive Management


Responsible Person: Mr. S. Dhewki
Tel: (033) 413 9108
Email: Shanil.Dhewki@umvoti.gov.za

To effectively Manage and Maintain all Archives and records Data


Human Resources Management


Responsible Person: Mr. M.F. Maphanga
Tel: (033) 413 9202
Email: Hr@umvoti.gov.za

To effectively manage and maintain all the recruitment needs for Umvoti Municipality.