The municipality is responsible for ensuring that its area is clean and litter-free. This includes providing bins, cleaning crews and enforcing by-laws against littering and other pollution.

The following complaints can be directed to the Umvoti Cleansing Department:

  1. Illegal dumping.
  2. Litter on river banks.
  3. Litter on river banks.
  4. Overflowing street litter bins.
  5. Street sweeping.
  6. Uncollected refuse.
  7. Refuse Bag Collection and distribution Dates

Waste from the different Areas of Greytown are taken to Nearest Landfill Site. A local Landfill Site will soon be constructed.

View a list of your nearest community waste drop-off facilities here.

Garden Waste – Dump Site on Dundee Road (R33)

Domestic Waste – Umvoti Transfer Station (Opposite Mascor Toyota, DR Wessel Street)