The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) has recently investigated the quality and status of Spatial Development Frameworks (SDF’s) throughout the country. As a result the Guidelines for the formulation of Spatial Development Framework were prepared by the Department. These guidelines were prepared in response to the growing of recognition that the SDF’s are not adequately effective in terms of addressing the spatial inequalities and inefficiencies within the society. It has been noted that SDF’s seem to reflect sound policies but they do not sufficiently impact on the reality of our urban and rural areas. Therefore, as per the above statement, the Umvoti Local Municipality has requested proposals from suitably qualified and experienced service providers to develop a SDF for the Umvoti Local Municipality which will be formulated with guidance from the SDF Guidelines prepared by DRLDR.

The Inception Report covers the following issues:

– Objectives of the Project
– Understanding of the Project
– Our approach
– Planning Process and Methodology
– Project Team