Small Business Development Database

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Umvoti Municipality is constantly looking at ways to improve Service Delivery and put systems in place which can assist our citizens conduct themselves in business ventures with ease and less “Red Tape”.  Several plans are in place to move our manner of operation into an online space where permits permissions and correspondence and contact with the Municipality can be done efficiently and with ease.

In order to do so we need to constantly update our existing Database of Businesses operational in the Umvoti Municipality whether you be a big Industry Player or a small Informal Economy operator.

We have produced this Data Capture form for completion by all Businesses which we will then use to update our existing Data Base and create a more defined Data Base By Sector. 

This will enable us to efficiently contact your particular sector as and when needed and strengthen the communication between business and the Municipality as a whole.

Please complete the relevant fields and choose your Sector in which you operate to enable us to create an efficient Data Base for future use to the benefit  of our local economy.  Please be assured at all times that this list will remain confidential and will only be used when the Municipality needs to send out information and/or possible interventions from Government which would then be needed to be communicated to all Business Sectors.

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