Borehole Water Dangers

Borehole Water Dangers Borehole Water Dangers is in borehole water that was not tested by a lab. If you do not know what is present in the water it wouldn’t hurt. The saying is “what the eye doesn’t see wouldn’t hurt”. It is your health we are talking about.         Photo : parasites in the water tank ...

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Road Safety

Umvoti Municipality would like to share a few tips on road safety:-   Drive a roadworthy vehicle Check the windscreen, wipers and water in the windscreen wiper bottle Be prepared for bad weather Following distance should be increased in bad weather Be patient! Rather slow down! If you can’t see – Don’t drive Remember that puddles can hide dangerous potholes ...

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Water Saving Tips

    Here are some tips on how you can save water : Install a low-flow shower head and tap aerators on all taps. Reduce the time spent having a shower Repair leaking taps and pipes Wash your vehicle using a bucket of water Flush toilets only when necessary. Install a multi-flush or dual-flush mechanism in the toilet. A multi-flush ...

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